“Art? You just do it?”  – Martin Ritt

30 Weeks of Blog posts, 30 weeks of 3 art pieces per week on Instagram.  30 weeks of creativity.  More than half of the year!

Looking back on this time, I really enjoyed creating content for regular posts.  I am very proud of my art pieces, it feels like my own collection.  It has surprised me sometimes with pieces that weren’t necessarily my favourite that had more ‘likes’ on Instagram than ones that I adored.  Sometimes there were comments I didn’t understand, like complimenting my ‘photos’ (um, it’s a painting… but I know I take things too literally), as well as someone who commented that I deserved more followers and I should check out his Instagram page (so you think I deserve more followers, but didn’t hit the ‘follow’ button?).  That’s ok, I would rather people ‘follow’ that actually like my work.  You know, quality over quantity.  Is it weird that I think about the statistics of Instagram? How many ‘likes’ to ‘followers’ ratios?  It’ll get there (the number of followers).  I do feel much more comfortable with people seeing my work then I ever have.  It comes gradually.

All of my work may not have turned out ‘good enough’ for me, but as put in ‘The Artist’s Way’, “Focused on process, our creative life retains a sense of adventure.  Focused on product, the same creative life can feel foolish or barren.”  I have enjoyed the process of creating and developing with art and with my blog posts.

I was looking back at my blog posts so far, and it was really hard to choose a favourite so far!  I did narrow it down to:  Fearless, Don’t Force It, and Power.

Time will tell what comes of my work, and I will “Trust that still, small voice that says, ‘This might work and I’ll try it.’ “ – Diane Mariechild.


Cheers to creating,


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