Don’t Force It

If there is anything that the law of attraction has taught me, it is don’t force it. Feel good, be mindful and good things will come to you.  This learning has allowed me to be more creative as well.  Not forcing it is big.  Being grateful allows me to enjoy the moments, and to notice more in the moment.  I also have been reading the Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle.  This outlook just attracts creativity.

Of all the planning and research and writing and drawing, it has taken until I am utilizing the law of attraction principles, that I am taking (real) steps with this vision I have for what I call my Creative Empire.

Here is a brief overview of the process I have used BEFORE I became aware of the law of attraction:

-took to twitter to research solopreneurs, find out what entrepreneurs were doing in terms of what learning and contacts they would make to be successful, and what philosophies contributed to who they are and work style

-created idea notebooks – one for creative ideas, one for business ideas (how the creative ideas could be connected and turned into a business), and one for book ideas.  (Just a note here, once you start jotting down ideas, more ideas pop up frequently, it’s like turning on a tap, they keep coming)

-writing to some people I admired in terms of how they work, or what they have built up.  This includes Anne Taintor (her work is so funny, and I like how an idea like hers turned into so many other things, not just cards).  I also wrote to Kit Pearson, if you haven’t heard of her, I loved her Children’s novels when I was young, and Kelly Lovell, who is a Youth Mobilizer and Entrepreneur.  The fun thing is they all wrote back!  (I can go into more detail on this later)  Isn’t it awesome when they write back?!?

-came up with idea for my picture book series and started writing

Ok, then AFTER the influence of Law of Attraction, this is what my progress looks like:

-positive quotes, law of attraction learning (of course this is where it all started)

-more writing of stories

-became member of CCBC – Canadian Children’s Book Centre

-write to Scholastic authors Barbara Reid and Ruth Ohi (and they both were so amazing to write back to me as well! Love it!)

-became a member of SCBWI – Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators

-at the suggestion of setting up social media/ website, I researched which hashtags to use.  I have been the worst at posting something in the past, and my mind going blank of hashtag options. So I started a list. Alphabetically, of which hashtags I would need, and I can keep adding to it! I am so glad I did this

-set up my Instagram page and Blog (which will become the website too) thanks to Cold Coast Design (Jaydia is awesome)

-wrote and submitted a ‘stand alone’ story (I call it stand alone in my head as it is NOT part of my series, obviously) to a contest under the category Picture Book Text to SCBWI

-became a member with CANSCAIP -Canadian Society of Children’s Authors, Illustrators and Performers

It’s no wonder that more pieces are fitting together now that I have a more confident (and happy) outlook and perspective about what I want.  It’s all good when you are doing something you love.



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