And just like that, we are now right in it! Already day 3, so I don’t imagine this year will be unlike any others and go by just as quickly.

I got a bit frantic on Friday as I hadn’t yet been able to find a new day planner journal for this year and I had so much success and happiness with my 2022 book. But I wanted to find one pretty much the same (or better). I wasn’t about to settle after the book worked out so well for 2022. So on the weekend, I made a couple of stops to see what I could find. Lots of note pages was a must on the list. I loved being able to have a page for each list (see my most recent post for more details), and must continue these lists. I also plan to add more. All the books I looked through had almost no note pages, or each day section was tiny or not formatted like the book I currently have. Must have month at a glance plus each week with enough space each day for the Intentions section. It was surprising how a full wall of various journals did not meet my criteria at all. Either not enough space or too big and bulky with 18 months – so those first 6 months are already gone by and not needed.

I then decided to look online and looked up the same brand that I have just finished. Ordered! And I seriously need to think of producing my own day planner! With my specific criteria and emphasis on the tracking of things that improve your outlook and tracking progress made towards goals and specifying intentions, it might be something to consider.

I have already finished reading a book in 2023 that I need to write down, and have started a couple of mornings just reading my intentions from December days to substitute writing them down in the mornings so far, until I get my book. Which is such an Important part of starting my day.

With some reading and work on my approach and outlook for my life, I have a couple of longer term goals to write down. Things that I wouldn’t have considered even a year ago. They are more ambitious things that seem not only feasible but acceptable when you put a 2-3 year time horizon on it and apply learning from last year to break down into smaller goals and steps. Not making it too intimidating. And I think I have definitely shown myself the impact of doing something gradually, even if it takes 4 years, gets you somewhere in 4 years rather than if you just felt too intimidated and didn’t even start: case in point my art pieces on my Instagram which I started in 2018 and now I am actually working on illustrating a real book!

I am so looking forward to picking up my day planner in the mail (plus, let’s face it, another book I wanted as well – can’t have too many books 😂).

Happy New Year, thanks for joining me again!

Sending Love,


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