“A phenomenon where an event in the outside world coincides meaningfully with a psychological state of mind.”


“Synchronicity – A Wink from the Universe.”

Pictured above is a treasured journal that was given to me as a gift (along with The Artist’s Way).

I started using it with the beginning of my Law of Attraction learning.  I started off by writing down things that could help me to easily change my thought pattern and mood – ‘mood shifters’ is a term I have seen used for this.  Lists of things that could put me in a happy or appreciative mood, such as:

-list of my favourite things (examples are just little things that give me joy – reading a book, cup of tea, having the woodstove on, smell of beeswax candles, clean sheet day, Dutch tulips, freshly baked bread, sound of the boys giggling, hot chocolate with my grandparents as we watched the cooking channel when I stayed with them during college, etc.)

-list of some happy and meaningful memories

-song lyrics


From there, I started to keep track of things that would ‘manifest’ or evidence of things working out in my favour.  I have found as I noticed and paid attention to these ‘coincidences’, more of these synchronicities would happen.  Reading back on these synchronicities also help shift my mood and remind me how much magic happens around me all the time.

I was having this conversation with my friend Holly who gifted this journal to me and she has started the journaling of her magic moments as well.

Do you notice synchronicity happening in your life daily?



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