So far with my art posts, I feel like I don’t necessarily have a ‘style.’  I don’t just paint a certain theme in a certain way – like animals in watercolour, buildings with acrylic or classic cars in pen and ink.  I really just like to play and create whatever I feel like that day.  I know how I want to illustrate my books and have a character and a style for that character (which I won’t share publicly yet).  But as far as a style goes, it feels a bit like my work is all over the map.  Although, you know what they say, to really be an expert at something, you have to dedicate at least 10,000 hours into the practice of it.

Consider my art Instagram account as my progression.  Follow along with my experiments.  I also know that no matter what you experiment or play with, everyone has their personal touch.  I can be inspired by other artists but when I take an inspiration and paint my version of it, my signature feel does show through.  I also don’t want to force it or feel rushed to have a definitive style.

I will keep playing and see what emerges over time.  As Picasso says (and in my post from Monday), “Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.”

The quote at the top applies to my work – it tells the story of who I am and is a collection of what I love.




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