“So, about this table,” my dad said on the phone when he called.  “You have the dimensions on your sketch, what kind of wood do you think you’d like?”  I replied that I would just like the table to look rustic, and he can choose what wood to use.  I trust my dad’s taste and artistic style.

My dad is a carpenter and even built the house my sisters and I grew up in.  My parents still live there.  I think people don’t expect carpenters to be very artistic, but my dad is.  He truly is a craftsman.  The picture above is the finished product.  The thing I love best about it is that the materials came from different jobsites.

The top frame are wall studs that he attached together with the finger joint method.  The legs and shelves are from rafters that were on Henderson farm, a 1903 house built for the saw mill boss here at the lake, which was at one time the Shawnigan Dairy as well.

The top insert panel was from the fence at Dovey’s cottage.  The metal pieces along the front (and one on each end), are Conchos originally from Mexico, that dad found at a store in Arizona called the Malfuncion Junction.  They can be used for accents on belt bags, used to fasten leather like rivets, or to fasten leather or steel to furniture.  I love pieces that have history and a story.  I am so happy to have an item of furniture built by my dad with love.

Please  tell me about any furniture you have that has a story to it!



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