We had a conversation at work about personality types based on standardized assessments.  We did the 10 minute quiz online and I am an INFJ – or Advocate.

Not that I think any standardized test can really give the full picture, but I was surprised at the results.  It was surprisingly accurate without being too detailed with particulars.

This came up at my work (read about this here) as there has been so much change for us and knowing how you cope with change can be helpful.  Also, knowing how you deal with other personality types can be helpful.  It is something I reflect on often and read about (see my past notes on my mentors).  It is funny how some personality types don’t care at all what the report comes back with (and explained it is because they think how could it possibly be accurate), and I am so interested by this.  It is interesting to note that INFJ’s are authors to popular blogs and stories, so that is promising. 😉

I have said frequently how much I like learning.  There is always more things to learn.  I would spend much more time reading if I could and studying different topics.

I love my job, but have thought before how different society would be if the ‘job’ were not 5 days a week.  Maybe 2 or 3.  Then I could spend more time pursuing other endeavors.  I have a long list.  Places I want to go, things I want to learn.  I have even written out a kind of schedule of how I would spend my time if I had such a balanced lifestyle.  It would include time each day for gardening, cooking or baking, organizing, painting and writing, research and reading, hiking, among other things as well that would make me feel balanced and fulfilled.

I would never be bored.  There are too many interesting and amazing things in this world.  A quote that always surprises me is by Leonardo Da Vinci: “I have offended God and mankind because my work did not reach the quality it should have.”  As intimidating as any human could take this quote (who can compete with Da Vinci?), it reminds me of my potential (the potential of any human).  I will not be daunted by this quote, no one is meant to duplicate Da Vinci, but I can be aware that I can learn to work toward my potential.  Seems like a good, un-intimidating approach.

Learning that I am an ‘advocate’ I will connect dots and see how I can use this information to my advantage and advancement toward my goals and incorporate more of that balance too!

have you done an assessment like this?  Was it fairly accurate for your personality?


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