I am Devon.

I am a mom to two boys, and I am married to my best friend.

I grew up on Vancouver Island.  I am the middle child of 3 girls.  Was one of the shyest people you could ever know, but with a mom and grandma who had a lot of gumption and great adventures, I had the courage to take part in a Rotary Exchange when I was 18.  I went for a year to live in the Netherlands.  I lived with 3 different families I had never met, and learned to speak Dutch fluently, a language I had never known.  I look back now and am amazed I had the courage to actually do this.  I loved it.

When I came back to Canada, I lived in Victoria BC and went to ‘art school’, getting a diploma in Visual Arts from Camosun College.

While attending art school, I had a part time job in a credit union.  With a dad who is a carpenter, and being in art school, he had me draft some plans for certain building projects he was working on, which led to me taking drafting courses as well.  I have drafted numerous home plans for him as well as for my husband who now has a construction company.

In the meantime, we have had two boys and I work at a local Credit Union again.  I love my job a lot! I have volunteered with Junior Achievement speaking to grade 6/7 classes about the Dollars with Sense program.

Our two boys are in hockey and I always have some artistic thing on the go.  I also recently learned the value of the Law of Attraction and being positive and grateful.

I realized more recently that I wanted to create again and I would love to illustrate Children’s books and write & illustrate some of my own too!

There. That is a small piece of who I am, and you’ll learn so much more in my blogs! Please browse the portfolio and leave a comment below and say hello!

– Devon

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