Rubin’s Vase

Continuing from last week… Part 2 of 3.

‘For most of our lives we’ve been looking at ourselves from the perspective that we are a body and mind. But to see clearly who we are, just as for Rubin’s painting, we have to shift our perspective ever so slightly.’ ~ from The Greatest Secret.

When I came across this page in The Greatest Secret, with this image of Rubin’s vase (or two faces) and the text, I had to chuckle to myself. As if life is like a scavenger hunt and this moment was placed there by my grandpa, Bert King. He always carried such images printed from his computer, in his pocket and if he saw a stranger that needed cheering up, or just to strike up a conversation, he would hand them a spare copy and ask if they had seen it before and if they could see both images. His work was to connect with people, and talk and mostly listen. He was a minister with the United Church.

Just as he used images such as these as conversation starters, this ‘Easter egg’ in this new book of mine, connected more dots for me that I am following the breadcrumbs and on ‘my’ path in life.

‘You are the awareness that is aware of everything.’ ~ David Bingham.

‘You are it. It’s so close you cannot see it, you look through its eyes at the world around you.’ ~ Jan Franzen.

‘Awareness is the most obvious element of experience and yet the most overlooked.’ ~ Rupert Spira.

‘It’s a simple shift of your attention. Put your attention on Awareness as often as you can rather than giving your attention to thinking.’ ~ The Greatest Secret. Rhonda Byrne simply suggests to ask yourself, Am I Aware? And then notice Awareness. Don’t get trapped in thoughts that may not benefit you to believe them. (See last weeks blog, to not believe the negative or doubtful thoughts.). Just remove attention from your thoughts. Notice them floating by, but remove your emotional attachment to the thoughts.

It is said that to have the life we want, depends on the energy that we give off. If we think negative thoughts, it can make us feel negative emotions and then we can make ourselves stuck in a negative cycle or pattern. Until we realize that our thoughts are not really who we are.

‘What is a thought? A movement of energy. What is a feeling? A movement of energy.’ ~ Peter Lowry.

Be aware of your thoughts, be aware of your feelings. Observe them coming and going, but don’t let them control you. Awareness of them takes away their power.

*(Quotes cited from The Greatest Secret ~ by Rhonda Byrne).

Sending Love,


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