Virtual Mentor

I was flipping through an old mini notebook I have.  Back in 2014, I became interested in twitter and what I could learn from it by following certain entrepreneurs or individuals (I have mentioned this before, here).

I wanted to follow people I could learn from or had relevance to what I wanted to do. Arlene Dickinson, Sophie Kinsella, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, Ingrid Vanderveldt, Matthew Toren, Martin Zwilling, Kelly Lovell, Guy Kawasaki, Elon Musk, as examples.

Now, looking back through this notebook I started back then and have jotted down ideas, articles names and key points, this platform has really been my ‘mentor’.  I have found some great articles, perspectives and advice.

A couple that stand out are:

Forbes – written by Michael Mogill, “Eight Proactive Principles for Achieving Success”.

He says to ‘be proactive in your own becoming.’

And in summary, he elaborates on these points –

1) It’s all about you (as in no one can succeed for you)

2) be solution focused

3) be accountable for getting stuff done

4) use SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely)

5) make your own luck

6) be consistent

7) find the right people (that you surround yourself with)

8) honesty is the best policy (honesty with yourself)


Huffington Post – written by Susie Moore,  ‘5 Reasons You Must Chase You Passion

Follow the link to see the full article, but to summarize:

1) doing what you love is invigorating

2) the universe supports you – you tap into something greater and opportunities unfold

3) creativity, ideas and energy flow -we just need to channel our gifts and talents

4) you are being honest with yourself “nothing is more important than being who you are here to be,” “it is your only true obligation to yourself and to the world.”

5) you can take baby steps, every step counts.  She suggests to research other people in the same field.  “When you share your gifts it is a blessing on the entire world and you don’t know where your legacy ends.”

So really, when you see the points she makes, you can see it makes sense that “following your passion is practical.”


With my twitter ‘research’ I like to stick to posts that will help with my growth and learning.  I have really found powerful and empowering advice and inspiration.  Surrounding myself with this type of ‘feed’ can only help to step up my game, and become who I really am.  I love that.

Do you have a mentor, or a virtual mentor?



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