On Wednesdays, we wear Pink. This is a line made famous from the movie ‘Mean Girls,’ and ironically, pink shirt day is tomorrow, on Wednesday, for anti-bullying day.

Bullying is awful, and completely unnecessary. It actually reveals the most about the person who is unkind to others. It gives away how they feel about him or herself. Why be unkind? Better to say nothing then try to make someone else feel bad. This is something that actually mystifies me. I don’t understand it, and that’s when people are unkind. Bullying is another level altogether.

There is just so much ‘fatigue’ out there right now. Frustrations with COVID, which has turned into frustrations with the vaccine (or opinion on it), with politicians, with staffing levels, with wearing a mask, with having to… gasp… wait for anything. Everyone is feeling it, everyone is frustrated or tired. So can we not be short with people? Can we be patient and understanding?

I am pretty sure everyone knows people on either side of any opinion. People who don’t have the same opinion as me are people too. Someone’s parent, someone’s kid or someone’s sibling. What’s the use of hate?

On Wednesday, I will be wearing pink and I know it’s not going to change the world or anything. But, as with anything that really matters, it all starts with the individual.

Don’t forget to love yourself. If you start there, your opinion of yourself matters most. And as Martin Luther King Jr famously said, ‘hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.’

Sending Love,


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