My grandma Ethel. If you read the blog ‘chocolate rose’ this is her, and she is the one who shared her piano with us. Recently with Remembrance day, my mom posted this foto of her. She was a nurse, and was excited to be posted ‘overseas’ during the war. But at that time, Newfoundland was … Continue reading Ethel


I was wondering this week, how do people learn how to believe? I am curious and it is important to me because I think believing in yourself is probably the single most important thing you can ‘give’ to yourself or do for yourself to improve so many aspects of your life. If you think of … Continue reading Believe

Working Out

Changes at my work were announced to us a while ago, but I like to let time pass and emotions process before I share my thoughts on things that affect me as this has. As you know, I work at a Credit Union. Gradually, more and more things have become digital with banking. People can […]