Bank Street

Victoria College of  Art, where time has distanced me from vivid memories of my time there.  I can still remember the smells and the feeling of attending the lessons.  It was a true art experience with a real easel, I had only used a desk before.  The list of materials for the class had me buying (well at that age, it was my mom buying, thanks mom!) the most professional supplies I had ever owned.

How I ended up in such a reputable art school is thanks to my high school friend, Ali.

Ali is very artistic and has always favoured the dramatic and performing arts.  We met in high school and became friends.  We were similar in some ways, both of us very quiet.  How she preferred and chose to be on stage I never understood, as attention, for me, always brought a certain level of torture and/ or horror.

She had the good fortune of winning 8 weeks of classes at an art college in Victoria, Victoria College of Art on Bank Street.  She did not want to take drawing and painting, she was not interested at all and couldn’t be persuaded.  A few of her friends encouraged her that it was such an amazing thing to win, it would be an experience you can’t help but to enjoy when you are there, even if you don’t expect to.

She would rather someone else use it who would appreciate it more, and she gave it to me!  I am forever grateful to her for this, and can give her credit for some of my artistic development. I loved the classes, learning to draw shapes and form, perspective and light.  This was my first time in a real art school, and the kind of experience that is always enriching – meeting new people, class in a new setting, and doing something I love.  Another step towards emerging out of my shell.

Thanks Ali!

tot straks * until later,


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