Time is so fascinating.  I bought the newest Carlo Rovelli book called ‘The Order of Time’.  I can’t wait to read it (but have a few other reads currently on the go).  I am fascinated by the physics of time and how it actually works.  But that is a side story, maybe a blog for another day.

Speaking a bit to my previous post about allowing yourself to move forward in your life doing the things you love, time works interestingly in that I feel like I am just as busy.  I am not less busy than in the past, but I am choosing to do things I love with my time.

I still work full time.  I still have kids to attend to, meals to cook, house to clean.  I am on a board of directors spending some of my time in a volunteer capacity.  The boys have been in sports (spring hockey and baseball).  I still exercise in the mornings, and donate blood every few months.

But yet, I have managed to build into my routine, time to write this blog, and paint, draw and create!  Because I committed to this being important to me, I am so grateful to have shaped my day to fit this in.

My younger sister once said to me years ago (we were talking about running or exercise or something) that if I had really wanted that to be my goal, I would already be doing it.  That has always stayed with me.  It was a statement that slapped me in the face.  My initial reaction being ‘no, I can do something when I want to do something.” Or “I can start something any time and be committed to it.”  But looking back, I realize how true that statement was and it has popped into mind many times over the years when I think about something I want to do or achieve.

So it is true in the way I can start something when I want, but it also reminds me that if I am going to start something, and if I really want it, then commit and see it through.  If I commit and see it through, then it doesn’t leave the door open for a statement like ‘you would be already be doing it’.

(Thanks Clare)

It’s about making time, appreciating the time you have, and spending time doing things that make your time feel like gold.  How do you manage your time for those non-negotiable’s? Is there something that you wish you were already doing?



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