This fall there were more days than not that I felt a bit in the deep end of overwhelm. Some every day things felt like a lot. Still in a manageable way, but just felt emotionally tapped I guess, is the best way to describe it.

We did add a puppy to our family in July, and we notice how fortunate we are that he was fully crate trained and didn’t wake us during the nights. It’s still a big change and adjustment with new routines, adding more things to the day, with walks, feedings, supplying sufficient outside time for bathroom and play. Add some training lessons, and then school starting up again.

Then throw in there some 16 year old boy attitude and crankiness. He is a really kind kid when he wants to be, but doesn’t enjoy school, or leaving the house in the morning, which makes it either a struggle or a battle to leave the house – and the occasional victory when we can leave on time. It’s very waring. The school work comes with the same amount of success as the days start. I had read years ago that someone talks about your level of success is found in your daily routine. I have come to believe this to be true over the years. I am a morning person and I love my mornings – until I have to get us out the door on time. So I have to work on building successful morning routines for the teen, which maybe one day will carry into his day… and lately, he has to watch some physics videos online in the evening to cement some learning for better success. It doesn’t happen with eagerness or excitement and when I know I can push it, I still have him watch some Mindvalley lessons with me.

This morning he said to me that he had a really good sleep because of some breathing technique he tried at bedtime. He had learned it in Hockey Academy this week. A win, which has me rejoice. Little things like this that he learns and sees for himself that they work, I am so thrilled about. Skills for life.

Some days I felt like some tasks seemed more difficult in various ways, maybe more labour intensive, or challenging. Then, when I looked at the task, I know that it’s simple for me and not a big deal. I recognized that the task felt ‘extra’ because it felt like it matched my ‘ability’ at that time. So feeling emotionally spent, made the tasks feel more difficult or more of a chore. It’s just perspective. So if I feel like something is daunting, now I just ask myself why it feels that way. And perhaps it’s actually manageable.

Some ‘seasons’ we feel like we shoulder a lot, carry a lot of weight but then there are little victories and perspective changes. Thank goodness for that.

Sending Love,


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