Snow Days

This is a picture of our Hobbes with a funny Snapchat filter courtesy of my son, Jordan. There was no school Friday and with Monday being a holiday here in BC ~ Family Day, the boys had 4 days at home. Going absolutely nowhere.

Snow started to fall Friday night, so the boys got what they have been wanting since November, some good, deep snow. In our area, of South Vancouver Island, we have a fairly mild climate and if we do get snow, it generally isn’t very much and it doesn’t last for long. It snowed right on through until Monday when it started to turn to rain. We got just over 14” or 35cm.

We didn’t have anywhere to go, and we are still under gathering restrictions here, so no one to visit either. On Saturday, we shovelled our driveway just to get ahead, so it wouldn’t get too out of hand. Sunday, we walked down the road to our village here and the boys went sledding down the one decent hill for over an hour and a half.

We had the woodstove going, had Valentine’s goodies, a roast and Yorkshire pudding Valentine’s dinner. I Spent time reading and studying my course, we made hot chocolates, and I finished the floor plans I have been working on for one of Jays jobs…. I had drafted the plans for their upstairs reno 4 years ago, and now they are ready to renovate the main floor.

Jay invented a living room soccer game with a squishy ball the boys have. Turns out, I am like a magnet for this ball, so made quite a few saves that baffled the boys. 😂 And we all thought I was just uncoordinated.

The snow really started to melt by yesterday afternoon, so back to work and school as normal today. The boys were really crossing their fingers it might last a few more days. I think it was perfect. Nice long weekend, and happy to stay home. But as you know, quarantine is my ‘sweet spot’ as my husband put it. Always lots to do at home and lots to be thankful for. And the people I spend it with aren’t too bad either. 😉

Thank you for reading, I hope wherever you are that you are having a Happy February.

Sending Love,


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