Mel and Being On The Court

Last week one day it struck me that I needed to check out Jay Shetty’s podcast and see what was new as I was aware there was an episode with Mel Robbins that was new-ish. I just had to go back a couple episodes to find the January 16th podcast with Mel.

I started to listen and I just resonate with her so much and every time I hear her speak, it fills me with so much hope and – ambition I guess. The desire to be a better person. The desire to be the me that I want to be.

In this particular episode, she talks about going after your dreams and rather than being ‘in the stands’ of life, watching life go by rather than actively participating, she says go ‘get on the court.’ You can’t make anything happen and things will not change for you if you are not ‘on the court.’ And even trying – is a huge confidence boost. Her big emphasis is that dreams, she says, are a ‘directional signal.’ There is a reason that you are interested and passionate about specific things. These interests guide you to what you really want. So although some dreams may seem huge or ‘out there’, if they guide you to take action toward them, the dream is serving its purpose. She also explained that some areas of your life, you could be ‘on the court,’ but other aspects you are sitting back and not advancing towards something that you want.

As it happens, while I was listening to this podcast, in my car last week, I was driving to Ladysmith. I had planned to have a meeting with the writer of the book I am working on illustrations for. I thought we should have a collaboration and discuss the progress or if there were pieces that could be tweaked. I have to admit, I have felt nervous to show my work for fear that it wasn’t what the writer envisioned or fear that I am working too slowly, or maybe he would suddenly say that my illustrations aren’t aligned with what he had in mind. You make up a lot of stories in your head when there is some uncertainty or self consciousness of sharing the progress of the work. But as I was driving along, listening to Mel’s encouraging voice, I felt a surge. I am on the court, I realized. For a long time, I hadn’t been. But I am doing it. Dylan reached out to let me know he had wanted for a long time to write a children’s book, and liked my work. We corresponded about style, story, character. We met about initial samples and ideas. Corresponded further about writings and drawings. And here I was. On the court, headed to another meeting with an armful of paintings and drawings. We would set a timeline, talk about layout, storyboard being a next step and work towards a product to take to the printers.

There still might be some things I am ‘in the stands’ in life – I have other future plans – but it was thrilling to realize I am on the court here. I am actively participating in the unfolding of a goal for my life. Dylan did love the progress, by the way. So our meeting was encouraging and motivating and I will keep you updated as we get closer to completion!

Thanks for reading. Sending Love,


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