Music Lessons

When my grandparents moved from their home on Beach Drive, to a Condo on Oak Bay Ave, my grandma no longer wanted to play her piano. She was a quiet person and worried that her piano would be too loud in a condo. She couldn’t bring herself to play for fear of bothering the neighbours. She then suggested that my parents take the piano and my sisters and I could learn it. Thus began the musical period of my life.

This was at the time I was in grade 7 at school. I started quite late, as musical instrument lessons go, compared to anyone else I knew. I carried on all the way through the end of high school graduation, completing grade 4 piano with the Toronto Conservatory.

Then I moved out, started other things, lived in the Netherlands, art school, and then meeting and starting a home with my hubby. I really miss my piano – the sisters tried piano lessons but became bored of it. In 2002, Jay gave me a guitar for Christmas. An instrument I had always wanted to learn and something more portable. He also got me some lessons at the Y in 2003 for a few weeks.

I found my old guitar learning book and binder of some lesson pages and sheet music printouts. I did not study the guitar consistently enough to get very good at it, and I haven’t picked up the instrument in a very long time. I dusted off these old books that I found on the weekend. I am still finding things, post-reno, that I hadn’t found a home for yet.

I love music and learning to play things, so I would love to make the time for this again and do a better job at it. Consistency is the key. I just have to watch that I don’t set expectations that overwhelm me. I have been guilty of this in the past, but there is so much that I want to do! I also, always feel ambitious to do so many things when I am about to have less time and more on my to do list. I will tell you more about that next week… work changes have been brewing. And finally, a resolution and a plan.

Sending Love,


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