Luxury of Stairs

This was me today arriving home after work.  As you (may not) know, we are renovating our basement.

My footwear is the result of what happened when my hubby switched vehicles while I was at work.  Not realizing there was a reason behind the socks and boots left in the car.  He kindly moved my glasses to his truck for me, but you know – girl problems.

He had to drive our youngest to the first spring hockey session in a neighbouring town.  Regular season ended on Sunday, with a fun (i.e. expensive) weekend on ‘the mainland’ (which is what you call the continent if you live on Vancouver Island).   So the spring season has started today and our reno is in full swing.  If I am lucky, I will have stairs again soon (luxury!), you would be surprised at what I can manage to get up a ladder in one trip now though.  How quickly you get accustomed to something and forget what ‘normal’ is like.  Our cat is also getting used to either being carried up the ladder (he is a big baby) or climbing up the rung ladder to the trapdoor that accesses the fort which is connected to the deck.

I feel fortunate our house is no longer sitting in the air, and we have a proper foundation under it, and it is all closed in.  We had snow and freezing temperatures when the air was circulating all around the house as well as underneath it, and with everything exposed the pipes froze two of the mornings.  It has been an adventure and having stairs back will be so so nice!

Exciting times ahead. What does Spring hold for you?



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