Although I am introverted, I love visiting time when it’s with my closest people – my family and friends. September, being my birthday month, is always a time for social events and visiting, which trails the summer months of many social events nicely.

I spent time with my husband and boys over the labour day long weekend at a local country fair. On my birthday, we spent the day in Victoria, for lunch, went to a viewpoint at the top of a hill, and wandered around town.

The next weekend, my older sister and I went on the ferry to the mainland to visit our younger sister for a couple of nights. The weekend really was ideal, time just spent together, visiting, and otherwise, mainly eating – or drinking wine. Going from one venue to the next. Nothing fancy.

I have plans or will make plans with some other special friends this month, to catch up and visit. Time together. On my lunch break today, I drove to my elderly friends house, and had tea with her. She struggled with her eyes over the summer and was told she could no longer drive. But otherwise you would never guess she is 92, and being now limited with her outings, I knew she needed some social interaction.

Connections are important, to nurture relationships and friendships. And getting together and making the time is a way of showing that they are an important part of my life. There have been plenty of time that I still want, and let’s face it, need my alone time, but as I get older, I want to keep the relationships I treasure growing strong.

I have been fortunate to have some really amazing visits and gatherings this summer, so I feel like this area of my life is truly thriving and look forward to long friendships.

Sending Love,


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