The magic and fun of the holiday season are fading and becoming yet another memory. Routine of a new year has been established while looking ahead with anticipation – and hope – to the 10 plus months remaining. Reality is setting in of being immersed again in routine that makes the recent holidays already seem long over.

Once February gets underway, we naturally get anxious for something to look forward to and enjoy.

My dad has his birthday in February. He and one of his brothers share the same birthday, but a year apart. My parents also got married in February of 1980. So it has been a special month every year. Valentine’s Day adds a touch of love and chocolate gifts. I should add, we don’t particularly celebrate Valentine’s Day, but with nice little chocolate treats on sale, we will just get a treat for our boys and each other. We now also have more family celebrations during the month. My brother in law has a February birthday, and his and my sister’s son – my nephew, as well. It’s nice to have family gatherings, cake and making memories in a winter month after the quiet month of January.

A few years ago, we all gathered at an Airbnb house, and spent the weekend together for my dad’s 70th birthday. That year, quite a lot of snow was coming down in the day of our drive a couple of hours North for this weekend. My parents, sisters and our family’s all had a great weekend in this house nestled in the snow. Lots of food, lots of laughs and the little cousins playing in the snow together.

Februarys farther past always included a big family supper at my grandparents house in Oak Bay to celebrate two of their sons – and a family friend, Donna – with her birthday also on the same day – who joined us quite often.

Though Februarys can feel dreary, it has always been a month to gather. To celebrate family members – and Love, and to then to be looking ahead to the upcoming Spring.

Sending Love,


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