Take a Bite

My sister sent a text to my mom, older sister and I today. She found this story “to show dad. It reminded me of taking bites out of his sandwiches when I’d make them, the year the girls were in Europe.”

She went on to explain that when I was in the Netherlands and my sister, Meghan was in England for a GAP year, mom started asking Clare the odd time to make dad’s work lunches. She would take a bite out of the sandwich before packing it, and said he was always a good sport about it.

The story she shared is about a couple married for 41 years. She packed his lunch every day and sometimes would meet him at the job site to eat lunch together. He commented once that lunch tasted better when you share it with someone you love. One day, she took a bite out of the sandwich. When her husband got home that night, he commented that someone had taken a bite. She told him that since she couldn’t meet him, she took a bite so he knew she was joining him. After that point he would say, “I saw that you joined me for lunch today and it sure was good.” The story gives credit to a name of Tracy Howell. I love that story.

My dad would chuckle and know when Clare packed his lunch. He says it always tasted better when she had taken a chunk. She continued the tradition for a while too and they often laughed about it. I love when some funny, silly thing can make people laugh, start traditions and carry memories on for years. I love hearing the stories behind them even more.

When we were kids, my mom would tell us she needed to ‘taste test’ our portions, if we had any kind of a dessert or goodie. She couldn’t keep a straight face so we learned quickly that it was for a laugh.

Little gags like these bring some light and sense of humour into the everyday. When my sister shared this today, it brought me gratitude for my family.

Sending Love,


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