Hockey Mom

While my sports crazy family is watching hockey games on tv, I have been known to make observations or pose questions such as, ‘Why did they use such a bad font on those jerseys?’ ‘Those advertisements on the boards change with the periods. So it’s an image they can digitally put up there.’ ‘What was that whistle for? What’s happening?’ Or, ‘who scored that? I missed it.’

I seem to have a hard time keeping up with hockey games, or follow what is happening. My husband and youngest son are the bigger fanatics, and obsessed with game play, while the older one plays and enjoys it also, not quite to the degree of Jay and Owen, but he plays and referees as well.

We live right in between two local rinks, and Jordan can be assigned referee or linesman jobs at either. On Sunday, I drove to one rink, realized it appeared too quiet in the parking lot, and promptly called Jay to ask which arena I was supposed to take him to. Wrong one. I had just assumed and hadn’t looked at the calendar he wrote up for me of hockey events that was on our fridge.

The boys will all chuckle at me, which I laugh at as well. I laugh at myself as much as I laugh at their amusement of my unawareness of the sport. I have gotten information wrong, such as the name of my sons team. I have also given out wrong info. I can just roll my eyes to myself for that. It just isn’t my strength. I am interested, I do pay attention. I don’t like not knowing things, and I don’t like to seem oblivious. But that is how I think of myself as a hockey mom. Owen has practice every Thursday in a city not too far from us and as I have the week off, I figured I can take a turn to drive him and another boy. Be the carpool parent for the week. Jay informed the team manager who arranges all the rides, as practice is at 1pm. His response was that there are player elevations this week. Maybe Jay could drive. The coach would want to go over Owen’s progress. I get it. Its just not my strong suit. 😂

Last time I drove the boys, one day last month, I almost watched the wrong practice. There are two ice rinks at this facility. I thought the boys went in one, so when the practice time was to start, after they got ready, I went in to watch. I couldn’t pick out Owen and realized I left my glasses in the car. I had never been to this arena as it’s not in my town and we never had minor hockey games there. I didn’t recognize the two other parents who were there as I haven’t met many of the parents. Thankfully, one of these two informed me that the 2011 kids practice at the other ice sheet. Very thankful that I said hello to her and introduced myself which led to this coming to light. What an embarrassment of a hockey mom I am. 🙄😉

The upside is it gives me something myself and my boys can laugh about together.

Sending Love,


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