Create on Repeat

“Can you do one of a raccoon?” My younger boys says to me when I tell him one ran in front of me while droving home from dropping the older boy at his hockey practice. Challenge accepted. And I very much like how this creature turned out.

Create, create, create. It feels like my time out of work is spent thinking of things to create and creating them. A new fun challenge has been creating little video Reels on Instagram. It’s a different way of creating than I have done before. It can make me feel a bit anxious, as when I commit to doing something, I put the expectation on myself to do it. And there are times when I haven’t decided on my next creation yet, when I feel that it’s time to present something again.

That is also a good thing, as it drives me forward. I committed to it, so what can I come up with? And there’s a lot of power in that. They may not all be masterpieces, but I look at it like it’s an experiment. As I create more, more creations come to mind and as I observe how other creators are presenting things, it gives new ideas to try ~ in my own way and with my own flair. As ideas take form and I can translate that to paper (and in some cases the video clips), it becomes an archive of how I work, as well as a portfolio. A resume of my commitment and dedication is how I like to think of it. Consistency is something I very much appreciate in others.

I have been working on some training for work the past year, and it will be so lovely when I have a bit more time to create even more creations! And my next focus will be paintings with more detail and more story to them. That is my goal for the months ahead.

My husband will say, “Let’s have friends over tonight for a drink at the campfire,” and after thinking, ‘ooh fun, we haven’t seen them in a while,’ I think, ‘ok what art did I have to get done today?’ And make a plan to complete it. It’s become non-negotiable.

Sending Love,


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