My Three

Beautiful Day by U2 / Immortals by Fallout Boy / Sing by Travis

These 3 songs have something in common. They have been set to a video montage of images and have all left an imprint on my heart.

Isn’t it incredible when music combined with visuals can do that?

Here are the scenarios:

Beautiful Day by U2. The summer I arrived to live in the Netherlands, the Olympic Games were happening in Sidney Australia. Summer of 2000. We watched the recap and the highlights every evening while preparing dinner. At the end of the news show, every single day, there was a montage of the highlights of that day, played to this song. It was powerful and inspiring. This song, about how amazing life is, was so powerful while showing these amazing athletes achieve victory. Or even, their victory. it may not have been gold, but they made it to the olympics, they maybe were on the podium, or it was the triumph at completing the race. Ever since then, this song means inspiration, perseverance, victory and appreciation for life. A reminder of what you can do, and how beautiful each day is.

Immortals by Fallout Boy. This song was on the Disney movie, Big Hero 6. This song, played to a montage of film of the characters inventing and creating to achieve their goal and their victory. Inventing and creating being the key activities that speak to me. Using your brain, which is limitless to work towards a greater good. The beauty of the individual’s creativity and imagination is our power. Our creations can truly be immortal.

Sing by Travis. The Office. Jim and Pam. If you watch this show you know what I am talking about. This song, was set to a clip of the couple’s journey leading to their marriage. The montage is on YouTube (The Office Clip Show Tribute to Jim and Pam 2:43). Seeing the sweet story of their romance, their timing was off for a while and then, it wasn’t. The acting, and editing together – of the most perfect facial expressions. The lyrics themselves ~ ‘for the love you bring, won’t mean a thing, unless you sing.’

I have all 3 songs in my favourites playlist. I just found Sing a couple of weeks ago as my boys have recently gotten into The Office and have been watching all the episodes. Beautiful Day was one of the first songs I bought years ago. To this day, I can’t skip over it in the list. If I am looking for another song, and Beautiful Day comes up first, I just have to listen first before moving on.

They represent all things uplifting. As do the rest of the songs in my playlist. Have always had a thing about songs and visuals. But the visuals do matter. It can’t just be the song matched with the opening credits of a show. The visuals have to draw emotion. Over the years, these are the three for me that speak to my heart.

Sending Love,


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