Do you set intentions? Do you write down how you envision your day or year to unfold? I bought just a simple little planning book as I have come to appreciate just how much impact some good intention can have on my life. With a new year just days away, I always feel that excited anticipation about what I can create in the coming year. And I am not just meaning ‘create’ in the typical sense of my art work or writing, but what things I can create or manifest for my life.

I want to make sure to write down some tasks that will be my action items and of course, write down some things that would be my intentions for how I want my life to be.

Remember how numbers mean a lot to me? I have written before how the 29th in particular means something special, so in June I wrote my exam on this date as I knew I would be successful. The success was, so to speak, ‘written in the stars’ because the date had a special meaning and I made it my intention. The 28th has also become meaningful. And as the date of this writing, I think back to 3 years ago today. We were at a World Junior’s hockey game in Victoria. Our younger boy had the chance to play hockey during the intermission. I set the intention that I would win the 50/50 draw and I did! I won $13,000.00. I was looking back for the blog post where I wrote of this experience and I found it in my Oct. 29th/2019 post (of course I wrote about it on the 29th – that sounds exactly like me).

So intention can have big impact! You do have to put some thought into what you wish to intend, and it’s best to write it down. Otherwise you may get off track, forget what your intention is, and you may just surprise yourself with intentions that become reality when you look back on your year. I would even encourage you to set some intentions that seem big and you aren’t sure how they could happen. Have fun with it!

Happy intention setting and Happy New Year!

Sending Love,


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