Swimming and S’mores

I don’t remember the last time my two sisters and I were all at our childhood wharf on the lake. On Sunday, while we were there, I suggested we get a picture of all 3 of us jumping in like we used to do when we were kids. We would spend what felt like hours, jumping or diving into the water. My took the pictures, rapid style so as to make sure to catch the progression.

This is how July wrapped up. With a camping event at my parent’s property where my sisters and I grew up. It was our mom’s 70th birthday and her request that all of us and our families stay and camp over for the weekend. We camped, we ate lots of food, we sat by the campfire, laughed a lot – my sisters and I married some pretty funny guys – the kids played, we swam and made s’mores! Mom’s siblings and spouses were also invited out Saturday afternoon to join us for cake. Our new puppy loved roaming around the property since his babyhood was spent on a farm. He was truly living his best life as we all were.

Although July was dull much of the month in terms of the weather, we finally had some hot and sunny days in the last week. So the sun plus a family weekend was just what my soul needed.❤️

I am truly blessed with those I call family. It was a great way to end July, as well as begin what feels like summer now with some warm weather!

I hope you enjoyed July as well, and wishing you a beautiful August!

Sending Love,


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