Two Four Three

A friend got me on to this podcast, On Purpose with Jay Shetty. In particular episode 243 as Joe Dispenza is the guest. She shared with me that 243 is a special number for her, in that sequence, two four three. It turns up for her just like 29 does for me. As she is fascinated with Joe Dispenza as well, it was very synchronistic that he is the guest of that episode.

When I started listening to it while making dinner that evening, all I had to do was message her and say, “I am listening to 243 right now,” and she knew exactly what I was talking about. I was messaging her thoughts on certain time segments within the episode. It so aligns with my fascination and beliefs. He is the author of the book currently on my bedside table ~ Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself. Just like the book, where I go back over certain sections, read certain pages over and over and over again, I have been doing with this podcast. When I find something valuable, I tend to have it on repeat for ages. I like to absorb the information. Allow it to sink in, and new information can be gleaned with each listening or reading. One particular time segment, I would listen to the two minutes and then go back and listen again, and again. Thinking about listening to different podcasts can be overwhelming as I want to grasp every minute of this one first.

Robin Sharma’s book, The 5am Club, advocates for an hour spent each morning, doing some form of exercise for 20 minutes, some meditative practice for 20 minutes and some personal growth work for 20 minutes. The podcast is the exact perfect example of growth work and time well spent before the day and work and emails and texts and social media gets its hold on you.

Episode Two Four Three. I find it absolutely fascinating. I listen to it with the same enthusiasm that Joe Dispenza speaks with. He can talk quickly, and it’s magnetic to listen to his passion for the magic in this life. It is uplifting to think of our own possibilities and the power that we really have.

Sending Love,


(Hebt iemand een podcast in het Nederlands dat U kunt adviseren? Iets dat ik kan over ontbijt luisteren om het taal te behouden. Laten mij weten in het ‘comments’, Bedankt!)

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