Love Language

I arrived home yesterday and I heard my husband’s play list blaring from the house. A mix of Beastie Boys, a Tribe Called Quest, Eminem, Johnny Cash… which can only mean one thing. He is cleaning something.

I opened the door to a lemony fresh scent. He was mopping. All the floors. I became so elated that our house is being cleaned. Floors are something I would love to clean regularly but I just don’t get to it. With working full time, studying a course, doing the books for our business, making the meals, cleaning from the meals… the floors always come last. There’s always dishes to do.

I told him he was speaking my Love Language: ‘Acts of Service.’

Have you read that book? The 5 Love Languages.

Which are:

1- Words of Affirmation

2- Quality Time

3- Receiving Gifts

4- Acts of Service

5- Physical Touch

I read this book years ago, I think it’s good for any relationship. People might want to receive love one way, but sometimes they give love another way. I knew instantly that mine was Acts of Service. It’s how I know I am loved. If my husband helps out with things, I know he is thinking of me and that he cares. If there is no offer to help, or help without asking, it makes me feel like he doesn’t care or that I don’t matter.

His is physical touch, he loves back massages and foot massages. I got the book out and read the list of languages and asked him if there is another top contender or close second. He perked up a bit at the thought of gifts, haha. Which, after Quality time, I could handle being given gifts too ;). In the beginning of our relationship, I would have hated the thought of him ‘wasting’ money on something like flowers that would just die. But now, I think it’s good to give some small gifts sometimes. Even Mini Eggs, my favourite! I have changed my perspective on gift giving. Maybe I didn’t feel worthy enough before. You know, there’s always bills and groceries.

After supper, I gave him a foot massage. Speaking the Love Language of another person tends to create reciprocity. You feel so thankful you want to make sure the other person feels your love back. That’s why it becomes a beautiful thing when you know your partner’s love language and they know yours.

Sending Love,


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