We all have those books that we like to read again and again.  For me, the re-reads had started with books that are easy and I guess what you would consider ‘escape’ reading.  You can be fully taken away to another life as you read it.

My favorite in this category are two authors in particular.  Anything by Sophie Kinsella, which are so funny and just good entertainment, plus I do find all her books a little inspiring, how the stories end.  Good ‘pick me up’ books.  The other author in this category is Anne Perry.  Mystery, suspense, with some history learning in there.  I could perpetually read these authors.

Others I have also enjoyed re-reading are Dan Brown books.  Da Vinci Code and Inferno are my favourites of his.  They are so fascinating.

Just recently, I watched a short YouTube video called ‘Do you know who you are?’ with Bob Proctor being interviewed.  I do recommend watching this one, maybe I will talk about this next week.  Bob Proctor recommends the book ‘Think and Grow Rich.’ I haven’t read this one myself, but he says he has been reading this for 23 years.  He also suggests ‘The Power of Your Subconscious Mind.’  I do have this one and read it earlier this year.  With our reno, it had been packed away and I pulled it out again last week.

I have been re-reading this again and I can appreciate how Bob Proctor could read something for years on end.  It is an easy read, naturally, but I think it is one you want to pause and powder some aspects of it.  You need to roll some of the learning around in your mind before you move on.  This and other types of growth books are the ones I really enjoy re-reading.  The reason being you get something different out of it every time.  I know with the growth I have been working on in the last year plus, I am already -a few chapters in -and picking up on a different theme or lesson that wasn’t apparent to me the last time I read this.

This allows for different types of growth then, when you can appreciate different lessons from the same book every time you read it.

On my list for near future re-reading are:  The Power of Now, The 5am club, The Power and The Alchemist.

What is on your regular book rotation? I would love to hear your recommendations!

XO, Devon


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