I have been listening multiple times to the podcast that I shared with you last week. Joe Dispenza was asked how we can productively deal with a problem. In such a way that we aren’t being negative and repeating old thought habits which then enforce the neurological wiring of our brain. His answer was that if we think of a problem as a challenge, we uplift our energy thinking ‘how can I overcome this?’ In an excited way, from ‘this is so horrible, how can I possibly succeed?’ (This is a summary of how I heard his answer, not his exact wording.)

Today, for me, was exam day. I have two exams for this course, The Canadian Securities course, for work. Today was the first. I had times of feeling quite defeated with the studying. Absorbing the information, making it stick. Understanding the concepts is one thing, but knowing it so it becomes second nature is another. So I did become excited thinking in this new way, of ‘what kind of a mark can I get?’ So since last week, I began each study session in this mindset. Being excited at the prospect of doing well.

This morning, I listened to a few moments again. Particularly focusing on being aware, and taking attention (such as stress attention) off of one narrow focus. Surrender, let go of trying to force an outcome. When we try to force an outcome that is when there is resistance (for the outcome you don’t want). Do the opposite. Open your heart. Let it flow. Whatever the outcome. I actually thought to myself, worst case scenario and I fail ~ I just try again. I have survived all of my bad days, or outcomes that weren’t how I planned.

I reminded myself that my future self has already passed the exam. I didn’t need to worry. I was the most calm I have ever been for a stressful event. I even meditated as I waited for the online proctor to chat with me. My goal was to lower my heart rate. I started when the person appeared on the screen as I was so relaxed and almost forgot I was waiting.

And… I passed! I really wasn’t sure if I would. I will find out the mark in 24 hours, it may be very close, I don’t know. But I passed!

So, this ‘experiment’ worked! I also studied and worked hard, BUT, what better way to experience a potentially stressful day than being in flow?

A couple more things: the number 29 shows up in my life a lot. I now associate it with my heart and it shows up when I am aware or in flow. I purposely booked my exam on this date. Knowing that I already am setting my intention for this to be a successful day before the day even begins. There is never a reason for it to be anything other than a good day.

Second thing: a friend texted this afternoon that she had lit a candle for me when I was writing. Her mom had this practice years ago if someone needed ‘luck’ or was going through something that good vibes were needed. So there was good intention flowing all around!

Sending Love,


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