It seems no coincidence that I have been celebrating birthdays with some of my most favourite people all in the last week. My husband had his birthday at the end of May, my son, the first of June and then two close friends within a couple of days of each other. I guess I just relate to these Geminis very well!

One of these two friends was telling me about a book she was reading about expanding. When you are around certain people, you expand and your best self can shine through. When you are around others, you contract. You might not even realize that is what is happening, but you might not look forward to spending time with those people, or they make you feel on edge. You do not fill with Joy at the prospect of seeing them. This book suggests to ask yourself:

Who expands me? Who contacts me?

What expands me? What contracts me?

What thoughts / feelings expand me? What thoughts / feelings contract me?

I very much expand with the friendships that I have. And without really being aware of it, and I think it is something that goes along with growing up / growing older, I have recognized those people that contract me and I have learned to set my boundaries.

I think the boundaries would be key for the thoughts and feelings too. If certain thoughts don’t expand you, set boundaries. Turn to thoughts or feelings that do expand you. I have been learning gradually to do this, but haven’t thought about it in terms of ‘setting boundaries’ on my thoughts before.

As we were discussing this over coffee on a patio, she noticed the rainbow colours in the clouds of the above photo. These are the kind of little miracles that happen when you are in the company of those that expand you.

Sending Love,


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