New Year!

Happy New Year! A new decade is here as we start 2020.

A new year feels like fresh starts. I haven’t been someone that does ‘resolutions’. I always feel like constant growth personally is the way to go.  So for me, consistency and focus is something that I will continue to nurture as we enter the new year.

For just over two years, my focus has been more of a positive personal growth nature with the law of attraction work that I have been doing. I feel strongly, that consistency will pay off. This has been my goal for longer than this blog has existed.  And you know, this is my 95th blog post.  95 weeks straight! I am proud of that.

For the coming year, positivity and shifting my focus to creating the life I want will be key.  I recently read a quote that reads: ‘you do not live each day to discover what it holds for you, but to create it.’  You can draw things into your life with your focus.

In November, I stepped down from a board of director position I held.  I enjoyed the position, but my goals for the coming months and year are towards things that I want to create for my own life.  I already work full time, so I didn’t feel the need to have more things in my schedule that didn’t propel my passion and purpose forward.  I have creative plans in place, which include more stories and illustrations and then personally, staying consistent with positivity and mindfulness.

2019 passed so quickly! I am sure 2020 will go in a flash as well, so I want to make it count, enjoy it, and notice it.

I wish all of you a happy New Year!  I hope you have some growth goals that you will be working on – feel free to share them with me and your progress!



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