I get an abundance of emails to my inbox and one from Mindvalley caught my attention on ‘conscious parenting.’  I signed up for a ‘masterclass,’ which means you pick a time slot, they send you a link and you watch the seminar.  There was a workbook to download as well, and after watching the session I now want to purchase the book ‘The Conscious Parent’ by Dr. Shefali Tsabary.

There is one thing I wanted to touch on, in particular.  It is said that every child wants to know: ‘Am I seen?’  ‘Am I worthy?’  and ‘Do I matter?’  With this session it was a great reminder of how important this is and I want to make sure I diligently communicate this to my boys.  In frustration, I have certainly cut my boys off from speaking or rudely interrupted them to urge them to move faster when they weren’t getting ready quickly enough for me.

Since, I have been thinking a lot on being ‘worthy.’  In my own life, has this been a block for me?

I was sitting in a boardroom meeting yesterday, and I confess, I struggled to state my thoughts in a way that others stopped to listen.  I started talking, and embarrassingly, stopped short as others talked louder or talked over me.  By the third time, I talked louder and kept talking.  Perhaps a couple of people didn’t hear the beginning of my statement, but I decided not to back down.  I am worthy of voicing my thoughts.

I remember being a kid, teen and then young adult and thinking the ultimate goal in life is to find true love (yes, I did love Disney movies).  I grew up with parents who are each other’s best friend.  I just knew this wouldn’t be a problem for me.  You find someone who will be your best friend, you respect and love each other.  Done.  Easy-peasy.  And I met him when I was 19 (18 years ago).  I think I was so fortunate in this area since I never doubted that I was worthy of this and knew I deserved it (Kudos to my parents, I am eternally grateful).

This makes me think of the law of attraction quote: “think you deserve it and the universe will serve it.”  I KNEW I was worthy and it came easily to me.

This idea of being ‘worthy’ brings new perspective for me in the way of reflection on what I want for my life.  It is exciting to think what I can evaluate for myself, recognizing that I am worthy and understanding in what areas this wasn’t coming across in my actions with myself.

And knowing the impact and importance of communicating: ‘you are worthy’ to the ones you love. With words and actions.

You are worthy.  In what way have you perhaps now allowed yourself to believe it?

With Love,


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