I was surprised on Mother’s Day, to have been gifted from my husband and two boys, two flower hanging baskets and some chocolates.

My husband isn’t much of a ‘gifter.’ So I can’t really say what suddenly prompted this generosity. It could be that our boys are now past the age of creating the adorable Mother’s Day crafts and cards at school. The hand made jewellery, or hand print in plaster or the questions they fill in about mom that come back with hilarious answers of their impressions of me, like i am as tall as ‘a door’ and my favourite thing to do is clean up. Hardly. I am 5’2” and I would much rather create art then clean up!

I told someone at work about these gifts, that I was quite surprised explaining that Jay set the bar very low in terms of gift giving. We have now been together since 2002, and our oldest will be turning 15 next month, so ‘this’ is now an appropriate time to start buying Mother’s Day gifts. I joke. I was very happy to receive these gifts. It is remarkable that something like a gift can bring such appreciation. Normally it can be somewhat hard to accept gifts. To receive graciously. Without worrying that what I may have done was worthy of someone’s time and attention put into the giving of a gift.

*It probably should be said, my husband is thoughtful in many ways, but early on in our parenthood, there weren’t many left over resources for gift giving. 😂

I had a great Mother’s Day, we also went for a drive and walked out to a Trestle local to us. I truly enjoyed the day, and soaked up the moments. I felt very much appreciated and loved.

Sending Love,


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