Time of Year

I have such a hard time picking my ‘favourite’ time of year, since I try to appreciate different things at each time of year, each season, each month, or week. There are so many things to enjoy. In terms of seasons, I just love watching Mother Nature change during the year. I love plants, gardens and trees. I love holidays, birthdays, Christmas, family dinners and BBQs. Date nights, movie nights, girls nights and staying in to read, paint and be cozy at home. Then there are the things that I particularly look forward to during the year.

Take right now. The reason that I LOVE this time of year is that it is light out enough, I can go running outside for my workout, before 6 am. I have to start getting ready for work at 6, so before 6 is the time I can guarantee to get a workout in. Getting up at 5 is hard in the beginning, but then you can’t live without it. It becomes a non-negotiable. It’s been vital to me for my mental and emotional health/ peace of mind. And towards the end of May is when I can get running again. Workouts are great through the year but nothing compares to a run first thing in the morning. So that’s my favourite.

I have gone out running for a couple of weeks now after my hockey holiday to Toronto. It just reminds me why I love this time of year and how rejuvenating it is. We haven’t had great weather yet here on Vancouver Island, but it’s light out and not freezing cold when I want to head out when it’s quiet out there! I love a new day when you can experience the morning before most people are up. I was born in the morning, so have a theory that this is why I love that time of day the most.

Mid August it will start to get too dark to run that early, but then there are other things to look forward to… my Anniversary in August, my Birthday in September, and feelings of fresh starts and getting organized for fall and then I have these feelings all over again about why I love that time of year. But ultimately, I just love my life, so any time of year is a good one.

Sending Love,


2 thoughts on “Time of Year

  1. One of the reasons I look forward to Wednesdays is because of your posts Devon. There is always something worthwhile to think about. Thank you.

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