On Purpose

I stumbled upon a phrase, or rather, just text on an ad, that was about living on purpose. It seems rather obvious, ‘live on purpose,’ don’t we all do that? Then in my overthinking manner, I contemplated this and wondered how ‘on purpose’ do I live?

All signs point to living on purpose. I grocery shop, I work, I drive kids to school, I clean the house, do some gardening. It’s all stuff that I ‘do.’

And yet, do I march through my day with intention on accomplishing things? Again, all signs point to yes. I intend to buy food, I intend to cook it, I intend to get work done. I have reflected on this often before and I will reflect on it thousands of times more. What about the things that make my heart sing? What about the smile that I intend to plaster (in a good way) on my face and then forget about 5 seconds later? What about the compliments I want to give, or the energy I want to circulate?

This is the part of ‘living on purpose’ that I want to accomplish consistently. So I thought of some quotes that really embrace this type of living on purpose. That help to remind me and bring me back on track.

Einstein advised to ‘ask yourself, “is it a friendly Universe?” If you expect pleasant surprises and believe life can be easy and enjoyable, that’s what you’ll experience.”

Carl Jung: ‘What you resist, persists.’

Tony Robbins: ‘Energy goes where attention flows.’

These two I find are important together. So what are you resisting? Don’t resist, be a watcher of it, witness it, but don’t resist it. Notice where your attention is going. If you are resisting something, energy is going to that. Shift your energy to what you want.

So in a day when I want to live more ‘on purpose,’ this is what I imagine: reading any affirmations and writing down specific intentions for that day. This is beyond the ‘to-do list’ of tasks, but rather, how I want to feel. What energy I want to exude that day. What frame of mind I want to be in. Once I have this established, then move on to any specifics that will help me reach the goals that I have. I keep notes on my phone, so I have this at my fingertips to keep me on track.

I think if I can accomplish this often enough (as in all the time), then I increase the joy in my life as it will be a life I have created. It will be a life I am present in, not just going through the motions. I think of living on purpose as standing tall. Being proud of myself. That’s what I work towards. I know I can do it, it is a friendly Universe after all.

Sending Love,


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