Help Someone

“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” Ronald Reagan

Have you heard the quote… I just had to look up the exact words:

‘When you’re in the position to help someone, be glad and always do it because that’s the Universe answering someone else’s prayer through you.’

Both of these quotes are very fitting with current events happening in the world and in Ukraine right now, isn’t it? The world events can feel so overwhelming when you think of all the hurt. The worry of how could we possibly help, being so far away and not knowing the best way to help. I don’t know anyone myself, in Ukraine. I do follow an illustrator who had to flee Kyiv with their one year old baby, a cat and a dog. It is awful to think of the fear they must be living in.

It is encouraging to see the stories of help and support. Citizens of the world paying for rooms with AirBnB, with no intention of staying of course. Just getting money into the hands of people who need it. Art being auctioned off to raise money, people purchasing items from Etsy with no expectation of the hand made items being shipped. You can always find the helpers.

I did contribute something to a charity organization. I figured even though it may not be much, in fact, very little in the grand scheme of things, a speck even, but I look at this as though I am helping someONE. Even if it’s just one. And if everyone helps someone, just imagine how much that can help. Even if that help is encouragement or love. I don’t think non-monetary help should be discounted or brushed aside. Being the light for someone is help. An acknowledgment that one is not alone.

Sending Love,


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