On Tuesdays

C’est Moi

My photographer friend and co-worker Bre took this photo of me. If you read my blog post ‘Skirt Week’ from a couple of weeks back, this picture was taken on the Friday of my ‘Skirt Week.’ Fun fact, Bre happens to share the same Birthday with me, September 8th, and the same work Anniversary, June 11th, where we work! (A few years apart for each.) It was amazing of Bre to take my photo so I have a current one to share. I think I will find a home for it on my Welcome page.

As I write this, on Tuesday, I reflect on all the other Tuesdays that I have planned my blog posts. Since March of 2018, or about 160 blog posts ago. Sometimes I have them all planned out, other times I don’t until that day. My Tuesday evening plans must be worked around my blog post. Just like hockey on Mondays (and Wednesday, Thursdays and Fridays 🤣), and groceries on Saturdays, Tuesday is my day. I always show up. I know there’s about a handful of people that read this every week, but other than that, I tend to forget other people do. I was caught off guard when a friend mentioned she read Skirt Week. None the less, I guess it’s my commitment to me. With my art posts and blog, I am working on and expanding my creativity and doing so with consistency. It has crossed my mind, do I just keep going with this forever? One day, when I am 75, will I be writing, “I started this blog about 2080 blog posts ago”? What do the archives of a blog like that even look like? 🤔

Well, it’s quite realistic to think that on Tuesdays forevermore, I will be here.

Thank you for reading! And hello, from me, the smiling face above. A little about me, if you are newly joining: I live on South Vancouver Island, Canada. I am a mom of two boys who are 10 and 14. I work at a Credit Union, assisting our Financial Planner ~ this is a newer position for me, which I love, and I am studying the Canadian Securities Course now (quite literally, I am making green tea and my text is in front of me). I need to create to function, which is why I also got back into creating art a few years ago. You can read more in the Welcome and About sections of my Blog!

Sending Love,


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