I was curious to know about frequencies and how the human body interacts with frequencies. Of course this also came from my study of Law of Attraction as the focus is tuning into the frequency that you want to attract.

Isaac Newton was the one to shine a light through a prism which separates visible white light into separate wavelengths.

I read that there is so much we can see – but also allot we cannot see.

The human eye can see between 430-770 THz and the ears can detect between 20Hz- 20kHz. What this exactly means, I don’t know but apparently it makes up a fraction of the total sound and light frequency range. So this means that a lot is happening that we cannot see or hear. Sounds spooky, right?

Keep in mind that this is pure ‘internet research’ and I have no Physics background (or science background for that matter). I would say I am just ‘passionately curious’. (Bonus points if you know that reference.)

I also found that humans “can detect colours of light that we see as a rainbow, primarily shades of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. These are the specific wavelengths if light that the receptors in our eyes are tuned to. Light of shorter or longer wavelengths don’t ‘excite’ our eyes’ receptors – so we can’t see anything beyond red (infrared) or violet (ultraviolet) in the electromagnetic spectrum of light.” (Source – Business Insider article from September 28, 2015 about a phone trick to see colours that human eyes cannot see).

I looked up animals that can see beyond the range that humans can. Butterflies are thought to have the highest visual range of any animal. Butterflies, Reindeer some birds and fish can see ultraviolet. And the flower, Black Eyed Susans, have petals with a Bulls Eye design in ultraviolet light that attracts bees. The Ultraviolets are at the end of the scale that has shorter wavelengths. The infrared have longer wavelengths and the snake can see this.

Moths have the best hearing in the world. my parents will laugh when they read that moths come into play with this exercise of frequency research. I was discovered as a small child eating moths behind the couch on more than one occasion.

Thanks for reading my geek out blog post. Xo


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