Best Laid Plans and Passport Office

“Oh no, I am going to be sick.”  Not what you want to hear while driving in a busy city and you have to find a place to pull over.  This was a week ago Friday. Kids had yet another free day from school so I had booked a vacation day to do ‘something fun.’

Frozen 2 was the only real movie choice, which for my two boys meant there was no movie choice.  We had seen Frozen a few years ago in the theatre by accident when I had looked up what was playing, saw something Disney and brought the family along. The boys were horrified as we were in the theatre and the realization dawned on all of us that this was more geared towards girls.  Putting it mildly.  I grew up with two sisters, so I loved it, this was the kind of movies I grew up watching.  (*note, I did hear since, that a friend with a son also 13 saw Frozen 2 and thought it was hilarious and really liked it.)

So instead of the movie theatre, I thought we should do something festive and go to downtown Victoria to see the gingerbread house display, and the Christmas tree decoration display.

When Jordan came home from his sleepover that morning, and he did get sick at home, we had two options. Not go at all – he has been our carsick boy, so this is a recipe for disaster driving all the way downtown. Or, drive partway to a tile shop to complete an errand we had to do, see how he did, and keep our expectations low and come home if needed, or start a bit of shopping at a nearby mall.

Almost at our destination, we heard the statement above, suddenly upon him waking up from a nap.

He proceeded to be sick in the car (that Jay had just cleaned and detailed for me two days prior I might add), so we turned down a side street and pulled over.

Jay carried on to the tile shop a few blocks away, and I thought a walk for the boys and I the rest of the way would be a good idea considering how close we were and getting back in the car even for a few blocks, wouldn’t allow many places to pull over.

Thus the more festive activities were indeed abandoned.  The fresh air did help and we spent some time at the mall walking around as well.

Since this day, we have the chance of perhaps going on trip in the new year where Passports are required.  Tomorrow, we go to the passport office downtown.  Where the office is held, is just where this ‘Festival of Trees’ takes place, so it seems that I will get my way after all 😉







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