Little Luxe Upgrade

Recently my two boys, husband and I were out for a drive one day, and the boys decided it was warm enough to have an ice cream. Not much was opened up again yet, so to the Dairy Queen drive through we went. I wouldn’t say it was a hot day. I wouldn’t even call it warm. But when May hits, they wear shorts and it doesn’t matter what the temperature actually is. Same goes for ice cream, it doesn’t actually have to be hot. I said as much and that since they are getting ice cream, we can go through the Tim Horton’s drive through afterwards and pick up a steeped tea for me.

This is out of character for me. I have never liked ‘putting people out’ by requesting a stop that would only benefit me. As if we are going ‘out of the way’ for something I request. However, I have gradually decided, why not?

My husband and I have been together for going on 18 years this summer. So when I asked him to pick up a tea for me after they get their ice cream, I ‘informed’ my husband that I am going to be more high maintenance from now on. Let me assure you I have always said or asked for what I want but it’s the subtle difference of ‘oh I won’t bother’ to ‘yup, they can bother’.

A few days later I was listening to the Jenna Black Show, and her message is knowing your worth, aligning with your true self and not limiting yourself. That episode she was talking about ‘Little Luxe Upgrades’. Something you may choose to upgrade in your life that maybe you felt was ‘fancy’ but you change your perspective on it and view it as something you naturally have in your life, like it’s no big deal. For her it was a face cream. I guess for me it is a cup of tea if it is only me we are stopping for. Also clothes. I think I will ‘upgrade’ some of my clothes. I have always found it hard to spend money on myself but if abundance is an energy, then I want to show up owning my worth. I guess the main ‘Luxe Upgrade’ will be not limiting myself. Sounds like a good upgrade anyone can strive for 😉

Hugs and stay healthy,


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