December Days

I have to remind myself that I have been lucky the past 4 years to be able to take two weeks off over Christmas. This year looks a little different, and even though I don’t have a real Christmas break, I have lots to be thankful for. I was able to take a week off at the beginning of the month, and because I did so, I am more organized this Christmas – at this point in the month – than I have ever been.

I am able to take Christmas Eve off, and my work is closed all weekend as well as Monday and Tuesday. Last year, we had only hockey practices, whereas this year, our boys have been able to play games. They also both had tournaments this past weekend.

New restrictions came out in our province on Friday, which cancelled tournaments effective Yesterday. Our 15 year old son had a tournament which should have been Saturday through Monday, but the 3 day event had to be squeezed into two days. The Men’s league, aka Beer league players kindly gave up their late night ice times to allow the U18 kids to continue their games into both nights. The Saturday game went to 11:30, well after my normal 9:30 bedtime. I was away in Port Alberni with Jordan for this tournament as my husband was in Lake Cowichan with our younger boy.

So, although I felt somewhat on track for my Christmas preparations before the weekend, the hockey tournament used up every moment to get more tasks done. I work until Thursday and have a little more shopping to finish and cleaning to do. I did the grocery shop yesterday.

I would have wanted to hike with my dad in the back woods, spend the days with my boys while they are out of school, and take them out for some festive activities. Although I feel a bit mournful that I cannot, I remind myself:

-I was able to read a novel in my week off in early December! (See blog post: Read)

-the boys have had more fun with social events like games and tournaments and seeing friends than they could last year

-I am done my course that I have been working on all year (something to celebrate!)

-I got some Christmas cards out in the mail! For some reason, I never seem to be on time with this

-I have no commitments on my days off over Christmas, meaning I can paint and read!

Although this December is different than my other favourite Decembers, I am still so fortunate. Getting a different position at work (which I enjoy far more than I have any other), means that I don’t get my first choice for time off, but I will get there. I have my dream job (in 9-5 standards 😄), and that’s huge. Remember the Reverse Gap? From ‘Happiness,’ October 12th blog. In terms of where I was last year compared to this year, I can live with some not-so-perfect plans because in that period of time, I am happy where I am now with improvements or growth, vs. a year ago.

In this perspective, I am pretty happy with my December Days.

Wishing you and yours Happy Holidays, whatever that means to you and whatever you celebrate!

Sending Love,


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