I tried some essential oils a couple of years ago and started buying them.   My husband isn’t too into it and thinks it’s a bunch of ‘voodoo’.  But I do love them and he has grown to appreciate how quickly lemon oil will remove things like sap and that gross vapour barrier adhesive gunk he has to use with his work – that sticks to everything.

He thinks that my more calm demeaner (I say ‘more calm’ for a reason, not just ‘calm’), can be attributed to me enjoying these various essential oils that I like.

I will absolutely let him continue to think so, so that he thinks the purchases of these oils are essential (see what I did there?), but I really think it has more to do with the law of attraction and mindfulness.  I have mentioned this before, see previous posts.

‘Allow’ is a term I have been contemplating the importance of lately.  To allow and be open to your intuition.  A while ago, I somehow came across a little video on youtube about manifesting quickly: ‘how to manifest fast’ by Mandy Morris. The key point was when you get those intuitive thoughts, just go with it.  You may get an inspired thought or idea, go with those, allow them in, see where it leads you.

I talked about intuition in my May 7th blog post (here), but now with watching this little video about jumping on those intuitive moments shows how acting on them, not just being aware of them allow things to unfold that you may have been asking for.

She says to ‘act fast, act on those intuitive nudges’, explaining that our brain has us pause and think about the risks and the reasons not to do something.  So you have to be ready to pay attention and act fast.  To not second guess everything and just trust yourself.

I have been trying it out lately, the key is to remember to act and not let habit’ logic’ my brain away from potentially inspired thought.  So far it has been something like ‘I should get gas now, not later’, then quickly thinking ‘maybe that is my intuitive nudge’ and turning the car into the gas station rather then letting myself go down the road of ‘well, it is the end of the day, I just want to go home, I can get gas tomorrow morning.”  Nothing exciting yet, but I consider it practice to be aware of those thoughts.

I should write down more of these nudges that I act on and see if a pattern evolves.

Are you allowing intuition into your life?



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