Today, is my dad’s birthday. My dad, Glen was born in ‘49 and two years ago today, we were all up in Qualicum for the weekend in an air BnB for his 70th celebration. Mom and dad, my two sisters and I, our husbands and kids, were all there for the weekend up Island.

That year, there was already some snow on the ground when we went there and then we had a snowstorm right after. We had about 2’ of snow, which is a lot for our fairly mild, South Vancouver Island climate. We had 2 snow days from work and school right after our weekend away.

We were in a house, on rural property, not much around us. We spent some time outside, walking and playing games. We had a roast beef dinner and cake and watched movies. We made family breakfasts for everyone. The little cousins played and had the best time together.

I loved that family time together, our fam ❤️ A great way to celebrate a milestone birthday. When my grandparents had all the family around when we were growing up, they would look around the room, look at each other and say, ‘look what we did.’ With a twinkle in their eyes.

We have had a lot of great celebrations, you can’t go wrong with a birthday. My dad and one of his brothers are 1 year apart and share the same birthday, so we have had many family dinners at my grandparents, with their friend Donna joining us who also shared their birthday. We even celebrated one birthday in Hawaii.

Happy Birthday Dad! We are lucky to have you.

Sending Love,


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