Who You Are

I found a YouTube video of an interview with Bob Proctor called ‘Do You Know Who You Are?’

Of course it brings up the age old question of how you identify yourself. I know a lot of women who have struggled with this question when people ask ‘what do you do?’ For one, what don’t I do? – might be the more appropriate question, but the need to define yourself by what ‘career’ or job you have chosen is something that bothers a lot of people. That isn’t ‘who I am.’

I may have a career or job, but it in no way defines who I think I am.

Bob Proctor lays it out in this interview that to find out who you are, study your mind and soul. The bigger part of yourself is non- physical. I love that he has two specific books that he continuously reads. He says that when he reads books over and over, it helps because ‘you see something in yourself that wasn’t there before.’

One of his two books that he recommends is called ‘Think and Grow Rich.’ I haven’t read this book but I do like what he reads aloud about the definition of an Educated Person. To educate is to ‘induce, draw out or to develop from within.’ The book says, ‘an educated person is not necessarily one who has an abundance of general or specialized knowledge, an educated person is one who has so developed the faculties of their mind that they may acquire anything they want or it’s equivalent without violating the rights of others.’ They know how to go out and get what they want out of life.

That certainly sounds like the kind of education that can benefit anyone.

As well as education, and lifelong learning, Bon Proctor’s other success principle is keeping a positive attitude and developing a good self image. He recommends to build an image in your mind of how you would like to see yourself. Decide who you are. You get to create that image of you.

I don’t think society will ever get away from using that answer of what you ‘do’ to define you. I think building your self image and leaning your own mind and soul better will bring comfort of mind that you know yourself, therefore it won’t matter how others see you. Learning yourself is a big enough task. Enjoy the journey.



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