Make Me Happy

We were sitting around having just eaten dinner, when I hear an old movie favourite on the tv, a Christmas show that the kids and I loved and watched a million times when they were little. The boys haven’t been as interested in it the last couple of years but it makes me happy as it reminds me of good memories of snuggles on the couch with them, while we watched it.

Jay put it on for me. He’s like that. He will show up with chocolate covered raisins, which no one else really likes. Or bring me a Tim’s steeped tea (clear).

Just like my post last week when I wrote that he said in November, ‘so when are we getting a tree?’ Even though he isn’t a festive, Christmassy guy, he knows we all love it.

He will have a woodstove fire going for me even though he feels like it makes the house too hot. He will wash the car for me and change the oil.

I have told him before, I could never mistake him for a ‘romantic’ person. So when he texts me now with emojis like kiss face or hearts in his eyes, I tease him that is the most romance I will get out of him, that he is really sweeping me off my feet with the emojis. But he does know how to make me happy and is considerate. And he knows how to make me laugh. I love that about him. Since 2002. ❤️

Hope you are happy!

Sending Love,


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