Chocolate Rose

Today is my wedding anniversary. 13 years ago today, and we started dating 5 years before that. Jay is my best friend and I feel so fortunate that we found each other.

A while ago my mom gave us a bottle of wine from our wedding – my parents bottled some for our wedding day. It is still in my cupboard and I keep meaning to open it. But as my husband isn’t a wine drinker, I think I hold back because I think opening it just for me, maybe isn’t a ‘special’ enough reason. But why do I think that?

I have come to realize more and more lately that I shouldn’t wait for what I deem to be a ‘special occasion.’ Why not just enjoy it? I used to hold on to sentimental things like candles, bubble baths or pretty little gifts like that. These things were too cute or pretty to use it up, so I would keep it. This last year, I decided to change that. Use the gift soaps – even if I am the only one enjoying it or using them (being the only girl in my house).

I think I changed my mindset as I always have the memory of my grandma’s chocolate rose. This stuck in my mind and I have thought about it quite often. My grandma was given a chocolate in the shape of a beautiful red rose years and years ago. It was for a Mother’s Day back when they lived in their house on beach drive. It looked just like a real rose, made of chocolate. She kept it forever. They moved into their condo and she still had it on display. I always looked at this rose thinking how pretty it was and how it would be so nice to eat it, but that it was also too special to eat. It never got eaten.

So while I appreciated and understood her reason for not eating it, I also thought I should no longer wait forever for the ‘right moment’. There is one aspect of being sentimental – just enjoying by keeping, but then I also have found there is another way of showing appreciation for the sentimental things – actually enjoying it. The sentimental value of the gift can really only be appreciated by the receiver. It doesn’t mean as much to anyone else. So that is what changed for me.

Eat the chocolate, use the soaps, burn the candles. Drink the wine.

Sending Love,


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