I was surprised to see a post on Facebook, shared by a friend, that quoted someone saying they realized they had been raised to accept abuse by others, and so had an entire culture. The discussion in response to this also showed someone else had been raised to ask the question, ‘what did I do to make this happen?’

This did stop me in my scrolling tracks. It also really stuck with me. I certainly wasn’t raised to accept bad behaviour or to think the fault was mine if something bad happened. Am I the minority? It’s a sobering thought. I thought about what I was taught.

The Golden rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Better known as ‘treat others as you would want to be treated.’

Doesn’t matter who: race, culture, gender… treat others as you would want to be treated. I think I have used that as my life’s compass. And I know I am not perfect and have made mistakes along the way, but especially as I get older, no matter what, it always comes back to this. Would I want to have someone listen well to me as I talk? Be a good listener in return. Would I appreciate it if someone took an extra minute to pass on directions or hold a door? Then also do this also if the chance comes up.

I don’t always know ahead of time what I am going to write about next week, but today I do and it’s coincidentally quite in line with my topic this week. It is funny what lessons or things spark your attention all around the same time period. Like the universe is trying to tell you something. Or remind you what is important.

With other learning I have been doing, I strongly feel that you cannot go wrong with the Golden Rule approach. Treating others well ultimately circulates the energy around and attracts that kind of behaviour back. It’s tipping the scale of giving more energy to the good feelings.

From my personal experience, I wouldn’t want to go about my life any other way.

Sending Love,


2 thoughts on “Golden

  1. Thank you again Devon. I sure look forward to Wednesdays and love the variety of subjects that you write about. There is always something worthwhile to think about.

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