Holiday Season

My husband said to me the other day, ‘so when are we getting a tree?’ I proceeded to look at him like he has three heads. This was November. And Mr. Bah-Humbug is chomping at the bit to get a Christmas tree?

I have always been the bringer of Christmas spirit to our household. Hubby has not ever particularly loved the Holiday season, that’s my department. He doesn’t dislike it… he just never got into it. This year, it seems to be the thing – starting early. People want to start early, there aren’t rules anymore about ‘how early is too early?’ This Covid year has people wanting festive happiness and cheer in abundance.

We do already have some decorations up. We always get a real tree, so this coming weekend would be the earliest I would get one as we can’t have it dry out before the big holiday. On the weekend, I even prepared Christmas cards to mail to my Dutch families (the three different families I lived with during my year there). Regrettably, I have been a procrastinator in the past with allowing time for these cards to arrive. There was also a baby girl born to my host sister, so a gift will go in the mail tomorrow as well. I love being organized and being able to start festivities already by December 1st. This brings me happiness. My boys and I will go for a forest walk with my dad on the weekend too and just maybe, he will pick out the tree for him and my mom. Nothing like a hike up in the forest scouting trees to feel festive. We are in a very mild climate on Vancouver Island, so no snow yet.

Have you started any festivities yet? I wish you a happy December!

Sending Love,


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